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CIA - Collegium Internationionale Allergologicum
Collegium Internationale Allergologicum

Collegium Internationale Allergologicum

The founders of the Collegium envisioned a society that would promote and celebrate excellence in basic science and clinical investigation in allergy and related fields. When the Collegium was founded in 1954, the Constitution stated "The Collegium is an international group for the study of scientific and clinical problems in allergy and related branches of medicine and immunology. The Collegium aims to promote the humble spirit of scientific enquiry, friendly cooperation, good fellowship and professional relationships in the field of allergy."

This spirit has guided the activities of the Collegium to the present day. The Collegium is deliberately designed to be a small and highly interactive group not burdened by the bureaucracy and anonymity that characterizes many large international and professional scientific societies today. With an active, by-nomination-only membership, the Collegium has a unique role as both an international honorary society comprised of many of the best scientists in allergy and clinical immunology, drawn from both academic and biopharmaceutical settings, and a forum that fosters scientific collaborations among its members. From the beginning, the Collegium has paid special attention to identifying promising young scientists as candidates for membership, which now includes women and men from across the globe.

2023-2025 Collegium Council

President: Thomas Bieber, MD, PhD, MDRA (Germany)
Past President: Bruce Bochner, MD (United States)
Vice President: Donata Vercelli, MD (United States)
Secretary General: Joshua A. Boyce, MD (United States)
Cezmi Akdis, MD, PhD (Switzerland)
Judah A. Denburg, MD (Canada)
John W. Holloway, PhD (United Kingdom)
Maria Jenmalm, PhD (Sweden)
Kenji Kabashima, MD, PhD (Japan)
Marcus Maurer, MD (Germany)
Ronit Sagi-Eisenberg, PhD (Israel)
Sally E. Wenzel, MD (United States)


The Collegium Internationale Allergologicum gratefully acknowledges Allakos for its support and membership on the CIA Corporate Advisory Council.



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