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CIA - Collegium Internationionale Allergologicum
Collegium Internationale Allergologicum

Session 4 - Lymphocytes and immunoregulation

May 20, 2022
7:30-10:30 am CST 

Kari Nadeau, MD PhD
John Gordon, PhD

Intro & Welcome

7:30-7:45 am
B-cell derived extracellular vesicles inhibit eosinophil maturation and allergic airway inflammation
Bruce D. Mazer, MD
Abstract #8

7:45-8:00 am
Prostaglandin I2 signaling licenses Treg suppressive function and prevents pathogenic reprogramming
R. Stokes Peebles Jr.
Abstract #2

8:00-8:15 am
Inhibition of diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 restrains group 2 innate lymphoid cells and allergic lung inflammation
Jorg H. Fritz
Abstract #30

8:15-8:30 am
The Molecular and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILCs) Memory and its Relevance for Asthma
Rafeul Alam, MD PhD
Abstract #55

8:30-8:45 am
A preceding RSV infection attenuates experimental asthma and disrupts resident respiratory virome composition
Chrysanthi Skevaki, MD
Abstract #40

8:45-9:00 am
Dual targeting primary antigen-specific and gene-regulating-specific delivered miRNA-150pos exosomes act at the immune synapse to induce secondary APC-derived TCR-specific exosomes that suppress effector T cells
Philip W. Askenase, MD
Abstract #17

9:00-9:10 am

9:10-9:25 am
Interferon-gamma drives human skin inflammation by inducing ZBP1 expression leading to induction of keratinocyte necroptosis
Knut Schaekel, MD
Abstract #10

9:25-9:40 am
Prediction of subsequent childhood allergic disease from alterations in umbilical cord blood immune cell signatures
Melina Messing, MSc
Abstract #31

9:40-9:55 am
From external to internal exposome: understanding kinetics of symptoms, tissue specific biomarkers for personalized prevention and therapy in allergic rhinitis patients
Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann
Abstract #45

9:55-10:10 am
Successful milk oral immunotherapy promotes generation of casein-specific CD137+ FOXP3+ regulatory T cells detectable in peripheral blood
Genevieve Genest, MD PhD Candidate
Abstract #16

10:10-10:25 am
IgE B cell receptor features associated with peanut allergy and response to peanut oral immunotherapy
Scott D. Boyd, MD PhD
Abstract #61

10:25-10:30 am
Closing Remarks

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