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32nd Symposium of the Collegium Internationale Allergologicum

Tour Options

For your enjoyment at the 32nd Symposium of the Collegium Internationale Allergologicum we have provided the following excursion options for you to take part in the history and local area of Palma Mallorca. We will have different options on specific days for you to choose from as well. 

Tour 1: Cathedral Walking Tour €45 Monday, 1 October

Cathedral Walking Tour
Walking tour in the old town of Palma including Cathedral visit
Monday, 1 October — Half Day Morning (4 hours)

Tour 2: Excursion to La Granja €50 Monday, 1 October

Excursion to La Granja
Visit the beautiful Majorcan country estate “La Granja” nearby Esporales. The 17th century mansion is surrounded by lush vegetation, magnificent gardens and natural springs. Visitors will have an insight into the crafts and life of past centuries on a typical Majorcan farm. Some of these handicrafts are still in operation today! The group will get the possibility to taste typical liqueurs and pastries from the region.
Monday, 1 October — Half Day Morning (4 hours)

Tour 3: Palma Bike Tour €35 Tuesday, 2 October

Palma Bike Tour
Get to see beautiful Palma from a different angle – bike tour
Tuesday, 2 October — Quarter Day Morning (2.5 hours)

Tour 4: Cuevas del Drach in Porto Cristo €61 Tuesday, 2 October

Cuevas del Drach in Porto Cristo
The Cuevas del Drach are impressive dripstone caves located on the east coast of the island south of Porto Cristo. Mallorcans know of their existence for over 3.000 years but they only opened to the public in 1935. The Cuevas del Drach consist of 4 different caves and the biggest underground lake in Europe. The light spectacular is breath taking and a must see in Mallorca.
Tuesday, 2 October — Half Day Morning (4 hours)

Tour 5: Miró Museum €50 Wednesday, 3 October

Miró Museum
Visit the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca, an exclusive museum dedicated to the work of artist Joan Miró. Miró had strong ties to Mallorca as his mother and wife were born there. The main building of the museum exhibits the work donated by the artist. In addition guests can have a look at the library, a sculpture garden, the studio Sert as well as the Finca Son Boter which Miró used as atelier.
Wednesday, 3 October — Half Day Morning (4 hours)

Tour 6: Valldemossa €76 Wednesday, 3 October

Valldemossa is a very small town in the mountains of Mallorca. It is known for being the birth place of the only Majorcan saint, Santa Catalina Tomàs. The kings of Mallorca valued the pleasant climate so much that they built their summer domiciles in this village and the Carthusian monks from Tarragona built their monastry here. The town became famous, however only after the visit of Frédéric Chopin and George Sand who spent their winter 1838/1839 in the monastry. Visit the original Monastry Valldemossa incl. the Chopin cell and the Palace King Sancho.
Wednesday, 3 October — Full Day (9 hours)

Tour 7: Palma and Mercado San Juan €81 Thursday, 4 October

Palma and Mercado San Juan
Walking tour through Palma as well as a visit to the brand new streetfood market “Mercado Gastronómico San Juan“. Taste the real Mallorca and enjoy the spanish atmosphere, the scent of Jamón, Manchego and Tortilla in the air. Option of tapas or paella cooking class incl. wine and water.
Thursday, 4 October — Half Day Morning (4 hours)

Tour 8: Excursion to Sóller and Sa Calobra €91 Thursday, 4 October

Excursion to Sóller and Sa Calobra
Sóller is a small village in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains which in 2011 received the UNESCO world heritage status. The high mountain ranges separated the valley over centuries from the rest of the island, helping in that way to unfold its unique charm. The group will take the traditional and most nostalgic railway of the island “Tren de Sóller” from Palma to Sóller city. After a stroll in the city, the group can take the historic trolley to Port Sóller. Here a boat will depart to Sa Calobra, one of the most famous Majorcan beaches and bays.
Thursday, 4 October — Full Day (9 hours)

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